In a competitive market, every logistics manager knows that they need their company to stand out from the crowd. Getting products to the customer faster is a sound strategy, and this is why so many managers understand the value of air freight for their business. Air freight is the best choice for urgent cargo, and a freight forwarding service can help you to fulfill your orders efficiently. Let’s look at three ways that a freight forwarder can help you to deliver products to customers faster.

1. Onboard Your Cargo Faster with Efficient Processes

Here in Australia, air freight is quite often conducted using commercial passenger airliners to carry consignments. There are strict requirements in place to protect air passengers and airlines carrying cargo. The statutory rules and guidelines in place to carry goods must be followed carefully to avoid the chances of the consignment being delayed or even detained. When you use a freight forwarder, they can ensure that the requirements are met and all the documentation will be prepared well in advance. Any special considerations regarding packing and handling can be done before the cargo is dispatched and this will make the processes more efficient.

2. Making the Most of Daily Flights

In the modern world, the trading capabilities of any nation are closely linked to the number of airports it has. Every major trading country has many airports capable of handling multiple tonnes of cargo each day. To get the best benefits from air freight, a logistics manager needs to be aware of the frequency of flights and the best connections for their air cargo. If a route has limited connectivity or a lower flight frequency, this will affect the delivery schedule, and any delays will negate the benefits of air freight. There are many flights leaving airports all over Australia linking us to major global marketplaces and making the best use of these flights is the best way to keep your supply of products moving to your customers.

3. Get Faster Customs Clearance

Shipping internationally involves a convoluted chain of processes, such as customs clearance, surface transport, and air freight services. If you want your products to be delivered quickly and efficiently, it’s essential that the required processes and documentation are accurate, complete and fully compliant with the regulations. Something as simple as a missing or incomplete piece of paperwork can result in a customs clearance and/or shipping delay. The customs clearance requirements are available online, they are updated regularly, but they can change. Keeping track of the rules can be difficult, and it’s vital to be proactive and make sure that even guideline is met to reduce the risk of unnecessary delays. A freight forwarder will understand all the latest customs clearance requirements and this will make the processes smoother and more efficient.

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