Partnering with an Australian freight forwarding agency is a must for any local company that wants to break into the international market. Freight forwarders specialise in business-to-business shipping and provide suppliers with various solutions for transporting goods to distributors based outside the country. The assistance of a professional freight shipping services provider gives businesses assurance that their goods will arrive on time at its destination, and that they can expect protection against damages and losses during transport.  

Deciding on the right international shipping solution for your company requires plenty of considerations. What are the signs that your company will best benefit from partnering with an international freight forwarder? We’ve compiled a list below: 

  1. Timeliness is of utmost importance to your company. Delivering your goods to their designated distributors on time and regardless of where they might be based in is a top priority for freight forwarders. These companies have a good grasp of the complexities of transporting goods by land, air, or water and have a wealth of experience in dealing with potential issues that may arise during trips. This, then, allows them to reduce transportation time as well as cost. 

  2. You want to keep track of your goods 24/7. One of the primary benefits of partnering with a freight forwarder is 24/7 tracking. Once a batch of goods is with the carrier, it is totally out of the client’s control. However, a good tracking system allows businesses to see where the goods are at all times and when they’ll get to their destination. Tracking systems also protect clients, as they help ensure that they will be compensated in case the goods are damaged or lost while in the care of the carrier. 

  3. Logistics planning is not something you want to be burdened with. A lot of problems can arise while the goods are on the way to distributors. Inclement weather in a particular area, for example, can cause delays and damage. Most businesses don’t want to be hassled by such an event; instead, they let freight forwarders to what they do best and find a way around these difficulties themselves, such as by rerouting the carrier or using a different mode of transportation. 

  4. You don’t want to deal with customs. Shipping physical goods from one country to another also requires a lot of documentation. Processing these papers is a time-consuming task and can cause shipment delays. Dealing with customs is something that freight forwarders specialise in, and their services include taking care of all the documentation necessary for the move. 

  5. Keeping the cost of transporting goods down is a priority. Freight forwarders work by consolidating their clients’ smaller shipments into one large shipment. They also vet and negotiate rates with their carriers, securing the best possible rates. This, in turn, translates to significantly lower shipping costs and savings that they can pass on to their clients. 

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